Acoustic Energy AE1 Active Review - Audio Video Magazine Russia

AE1 Active Review: AudioVideo Russia

AE1 Active Review in Audio Video magazine

Acoustic Energy AE1 Active Review

The global reviews of the new AE1 Active continue to arrive as Audio Video magazine in Russia publish their review. The overall verdict? A “Best Buy” badge.

We’ve translated some points from the magazine, but please follow this link to read the full review.

Accordingly, the musical balance is seen intact, without the emphasis on individual instruments or groups. Woodwind and brass, strings, percussion – all in perfect harmony and listening, not even think about that all the wealth spectrum is reproduced by two small speakers.

I must say that the British experts, paying so much attention to the spatial characteristics of the monitors have achieved truly phenomenal results. The sound field is full of details and perfectly uniform no matter how far away you are listening to.

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