AE1 Active Review: Stereo & Video (Russia)

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Another week and another AE1 Active review arrives, this time all the way from Russia courtesy of Stereo & Video magazine.

The quotes below will give you a good idea of how the review went, but click the link to read it in full…

“As far as AE1 Active is good in this genre, I was finally convinced when it came to Amon Amarth. Sharpness, rhythm, resolution, complete absence of grain at medium frequencies – I heard similar quality of playback only on stationary systems and in headphones costing 2-3 times more expensive than a pair of these monitors.”

“When listening to AE1 Active over time, some miracles are happening: sat down to listen to the song, and listened to the whole of the album. As a result, the test took me about three hours, and it seemed a little. I left only because the office was closed, otherwise I would sit up late. Perhaps, I will point this out as the main drawback.”

“In addition, they are clearly shown to all who like to listen to music in the highest possible quality. AE1 Active will help squeeze the maximum possible out of your DSD, DXD and other Hi-Res files.”

“Advantages: clean and detailed sound, excellent rhythm, reasonable price, the possibility of correcting the sound

Disadvantages: it’s hard to stop listening”