AE109 Review: Hi-Fi World ‘5 Globes’

AE109 Review: Hi-Fi World ‘5 Globes’

The latest review of the AE109 has arrived, this time courtesy of Jon Myles at Hi-Fi World magazine.

To summarise the AE109 have been awarded 5 “Globes”, a “£” for value and a verdict that reads “An affordable floorstander with a refinement that belies its price. Goes loud with ease but remains poised and enjoyable at all times.”

Here are a few more quotes from the review.

“At their price of £500 these loudspeakers are not just good – they are exceptionally good.”

“A room-filling sound is a prerequisite for any decent floorstander – and the ‘109s have it in spades.”

Conclusion: “These AE109 floorstanders are exactly what good budget hi-fi should be. Exciting with rock and pop, authoritative with classical and sparkling with everything in-between. You can pay a good deal more and get a great deal less for your money.”

Don’t forget to visit your local newsagent to pick up a copy of the magazine to read the full review.