AE120 Review: Hi-Fi Choice – 5 Star, Recommended

Acoustic Energy AE120 Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Oops, we did it again!

The exclusive, first review for the AE120 has been published by Hi-Fi Choice magazine and it continues our fantastic run of 5 star ratings. Reviewer David Price has awarded them a Recommended badge and 5 Stars!

Pick up a copy of the magazine to read the full review, but here’s a couple of quotes for you…

“This speaker sounds tight, taut and composed with serious amounts of power…”

“It’s able to belt out the song’s hypnotic groove – underpinned by it’s great bass guitar playing – without a care in the world.”

“The result is a refined yet musical floorstander that’s much better than you have any right to expect for the money…”

Head on down to your local newsagent to pick up a copy of the magazine and to your local dealer for a demonstration!