Acoustic Energy Reference 1 "The Ear" Review

Reference 1 Review: The Ear

The Ear LogoThe Reference 1 loudspeaker has just been reviewed by The Ear…

Here, as usual, are a couple of extracts. Head on over to The Ear website to read the full review…

The Reference 1 balances silky smooth tones with the bite of a voice or instrument. The speaker never sounds aggressive or over the top, but it also never gets too relaxed. This means that even if you listen for a long time you stay involved with each and every note. I believe this quality is a trademark of the better British brands.

For me the Reference 1 is a fine example of the capabilities of the British loudspeaker industry, an industry that has dominated the audio business in the Netherlands for as long as I can remember. Its stylish looks should be considered in a serious audio system because of what it can do for your music collection.

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