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Who Are Acoustic Energy?

Who are Acoustic Energy? What do we do? What’s in our DNA? Why do we stand out from other brands? View our profile video to discover more and let us be a part of your audio journey… 

Our Story

Mat Spandl, James Luce and Neil Truckell three of the owners of Acoustic Energy Loudspeakers

Acoustic Energy was founded in London, England in 1987 with the creation of the now-legendary AE1 loudspeaker. The AE1 redefined what was possible from a compact enclosure by setting new audio performance standards for dynamics, power and clarity previously unheard of outside larger, high-end speakers. These design principals have remained enshrined in the company ethos to this day…

All Acoustic Energy loudspeakers are subject to our rigorous design-process and carry the same DNA that’s run through each product range for over 35 years. At prototype stage new designs are voiced through an exhaustive listening process, with electroacoustic measurement used to verify each step. They’re then benchmarked against our historical references mirroring the dynamics, transparency, tonal accuracy and above all musical involvement, necessary to warrant the Acoustic Energy marque.

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