Acoustic Energy 1-Series review in What? Hi-Fi magazine

1-Series Review: What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision

Acoustic Energy 1 Series review in What Hi-Fi? Sound and VisionThe July Issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine features two reviews on the 1-Series.

The 101 5.101 Home Cinema System comprises 2 pairs of 101 stand mounts, a 107 centre and 108 active subwoofer.  Pitted against a range of other 5.1 speaker packages in a group test, the 5.1 system certainly held its own against its rivals. To quote the review:

It’s a big and punchy performance, but it’s refined too. The sound is clear, with a healthy balance to the tonal diet.

… if you’re tight on space and looking for something easy to accommodate, this package is well worth investing.

FOR: “Well integrated; clean, detailed sound; easy to accommodate.

VERDICT: “This package is a great all-rounder and easy to accommodate in your home.

The second review is a “First Test” (well, for What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine) on the 101 Stand Mounts. Again, a few quotes from the magazine…

These speakers really are very good…

The straight-edged boxes are neatly finished with black ash or walnut veneers, while little touches like the silver trim ring on the driver cones and the silver ‘AE’ badge neatly tucked inside add a touch of class.

FOR: “Clean, crisp sound; tonally balanced; fun; lively delivery; compact and versatile.

VERDICT: “Appealing in more ways than one, these little speakers are good buys.

Don’t forget to visit your local newsagent to pick up a copy of the magazine and read the full reviews.

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