101 First review in HiFi World magazine

101 First Review: HiFi World

HiFi World AE101 ReviewHi-Fi World have been the first UK magazine to review the new 101 and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

As usual, to read the full review, you’ll have to pick up a copy at your local news agent, but we’ll leave you with the conclusion:

Entry-level they may be, but the Acoustic Energy 101s are an admirably refined and beguiling speaker. Unlike some rivals, they have a natural, even tonal balance with a detailed mid-range and decent levels of bass for their size. Add to that a superb build quality and you have one very tempting package. Anyone looking for a sub-£300 loudspeaker that both looks and sounds a lot more expensive really has to take these loudspeakers.

And whilst we are at it, how about a list of things they found against them…

AGAINST- nothing at the price

We can’t argue with that! Visit your local retailer now for an audition.

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