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101 Review: HiFi Pig

HiFi Pig 101 ReviewHiFi Pig are the latest to review our 101 speakers. Read a few choice comments as they reveal why they gave them a “Recommended” badge and then make the jump to their website to read the full review…

I found the imaging was precise and broad spanned, only just outside the speaker boundaries. Height and depth were both fine, aided no doubt by the contoured driver surrounds. They were equally at home on a desk surrounded by computer paraphernalia, so placement isn’t critical, aided of course by being front ported for the bass reflex.

They didn’t elicit any listening fatigue from me even after a few hours of critical listening with a wide variety of music genres.

I found them a most satisfying listen throughout my entire time with them with regards to bass. Treble is sweet and crisp, able to sound realistic in the truest sense. Midband performance has a ballsy quality and lively flavour which will please many folks I am sure, so I can recommend them as a fine performer.

To summarize then what the Acoustic Energy 101s capabilities are, I would say they are no shrinking violets skulking in a corner to escape attention, they come out and say it like it is as, characterized in true Acoustic Energy fashion. Unlike most “budget” speakers however, feed them a clean undistorted signal with power and control and you could be well rewarded with exhilarating sounds.

Recommended: It’s up front verve and treble refinement with solid communicative bass when fed by quality amplification.

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