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103 First Review: HiFiWigwam

HiFiWigwam review the 103The 103 has just received its first UK review from HiFi Wigwam, and we are more than happy with what they had to say!

Here are a few choice comments from the review, but make sure you head on over to their website to read the full review.

What we have is a great performing pair of loudspeakers that would be a huge upgrade for those people graduating from a £200 set of stand-mounts, or the budget conscious buyer looking to downsize a big system without giving up on sound quality. Proceed firmly, directly and with vigour to a friendly dealer for a demonstration!

What these speakers do is properly portray scale, in the way that £550 stand-mounts will struggle. The acid test is classical music and here I used Arvo Pärt’s Litany to evaluate how the massed choral climaxes on this brilliant ECM recording were handled. Beautifully, in this case. There’s a proper sense of occasion, and enough headroom to make the performance believable. A remarkable achievement from a modest box.

We’ve got more reviews of the 1-Series lined up, we hope to have news of those soon.

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