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103 Review: Greek Group Test Winner

The 103 was recently featured in a group test in Greece. Reviewed alongside some strong rivals in the form of B&W, Q Acoustics, Monitor Audio and more, the 103 came out TOP of the group test.

Here are some translated highlights from the review…


“On sound quality, the 103 maintains a full and wonderful sound, which helps it stand out against the rest of reviewed speakers.”

“It creates a holographic soundstage, with extensive depth, wide image and great height, while positioning of individual instruments and voices is extremely accurate.”

“The speaker is very detailed not covering anything from music, even in very complex themes, such as large symphonic where individual voices and levels stand out perfectly.”

Positive points:
o Impressive tonality
o Excellent stereo image in width and in depth
o Appropriate damping in low frequencies
o High quality driver units

“No matter though how well we were prepared for the review, there is always a surprise. The Acoustic Energy 103 is the one in this occasion due to the fact that with the exception of the physical limitations of its size creates a sound-revelation in a higher step than every competitor of the review.”

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