Acoustic Energy AE109 Review in HiFi Choice Magazine

109 Review: HiFi Choice – Recommended

Acoustic Energy AE109 HiFi Choice review and verdict

Acoustic Energy AE109 HiFi Choice Review

The first review of the all new AE109 has been published by HiFi Choice magazine and we are very pleased to announce that it has been awarded a 5 star review and a “Recommended” badge.

As usual we’ll leave you to visit your local news agent to pick up a full copy of the magazine, but we can publish a few quotes below that should whet your appetites…

One cannot help but be impressed by the sound of this small floorstander.

…you instantly mark it out as being dynamic and pacey, without being harsh and shouty.

Conclusion: An attractive, affordable small floorstander, Acoustic Energy’s AE109 sounds unexpectedly refined for its price and yet is unerringly good fun to listen to, across a wide variety of music. If you’re in the market for this sort of loudspeaker, it’s an essential audition. Hear it if you possibly can.

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