Home Cinema Choice 3-Series 5.1 Review

3-Series 5.1 Review: Home Cinema Choice

Home Cinema Choice Best Buy LogoThe May 2013 issue of Home Cinema Choice features another glowing review for the 3-Series.

Here are a few ‘choice’ quotes…

Overall, the package is one of the best pieces of industrial design that Acoustic Energy has come up with in yonks.

With the cheery violence of Dredd 3D on Blu-ray, the Acoustic Energy array reproduces the onscreen brutality with a deftness and assurance that is deeply entertaining.

The 301 is a bit of a star in two-channel terms.

Acoustic Energy has often produced designs that perform well at real world prices and made very attractive speakers. In the 3-Series it’s done it again. Fantastic looks, well bolted together and enjoyable to listen to.

Not that we’re keeping count, but that’s a “Best Buy”, a “Highly Recommended” (Hi-Fi Choice) and a “5 Star” review (What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision) from the magazines that have had 3-Series so far, the verdict seems to be unanimous…

If you’ve not heard them yet then call in to your local AE stockist to see and hear what all the fuss is about.

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