Acoustic Energy 3-Series review in HiFi Test magazine

3-Series 5.1 Review: HiFiTest (Germany)

HiFi Test Magazine 3-Series reviewGerman website, have recently reviewed the 3-Series 5.1 home cinema package. You can read the full review here, but here are a few choice snippets…

The Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker (AE 305) assert themselves in our large test room, on their own, with a very balanced and nimble sound. In conjunction with the centre and rears and the active subwoofer the 3 test system for surround is enormously potent, the area is easily filled with film and music sounds.

The subwoofer plays down tremendously deep and reserves even at very high levels, the full control of the signals supplied to it.

The 5.1 system produces a lot of sensitivity and its enormous resolving power is convincing even the finest details of sound in the listening room. Moreover convince the spatiality and smooth playback of multi-channel system. The subtle AE-3 series may hold back optically Although, in the testing room the 5.1 set of Acoustic Energy stunned but then with enormous acoustic performance – very nice.

The 5.1-channel system of Acoustic Energy lends itself to all those who are in search of a discreetly integrated speaker for the living room movies. Tonally, the 3-Series it all: Raven Black bass, balanced mids and well-resolution treble and the great spatiality make film and music lovers happy.

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