Heimkino review the 3-Series

3-Series Review: Heimkino (Germany)

German magazine heimkino review the 3-SeriesIt’s not just in the UK that the 3-Series has been wowing the press! We’ve just received this review that features in the January 2014 issue of Heimkino Magazine.

Here are a few translated quotes from the review…

Everybody who is able to call the Acoustic Energy speakers his own will be delight about the outstanding finishing quality of the pretty classical designed 5.1 speaker set. Visually, the system may address the more traditional among us but the straightforward form leaves the Acoustic Energy system appear timelessly elegant.

The 5.1 system convinced with a lot of sensitivity and its enormous transparency, that even the finest details of sound convinced in the listening room. Additionally, the spaciousness and smooth playback of multichannel system convinced absolutely. The discrete AE Series Three may hold back visually, in the test room stunned the 5.1 set of Acoustic Energy with enormous acoustic performances – very nice.

The 5.1-channel system made by Acoustic Energy is an ideal offer for all in search for a discreetly to integrate speaker system for a living room cinema. Tonally, the 3 series has it all: Raven Black bass, well balanced mids and highs, and well-resolving highs as well as great spatiality which make movie and music lovers happy.


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