A Best Buy for the AE320s from The Ear

AE320 (White, No Grille)

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ear(s)” for we have another incoming review, this time on the AE320 from Chris Kelly at The Ear. What did he say that earned them a Best Buy badge? Read on and then click the link and head over to The Ear website to read the full review.

“I played a huge variety of music through the AE320s during their time here, from the delicate mournfulness of Nick Drake, through the magnificent blues rock and boogie of ZZ Top to the orchestral majesty of a Beethoven symphony, and they gave me a truly musical experience in every case. In fact I did not find any genre in my library or online that was less than well served by these floor standers.”

“Playing some hard rock from Iron Maiden’s The Book Of Souls it was clear that the AE320s are well suited to delivering volume without losing detail.”

Conclusion: “They perform exceptionally well with most genres of music, they seem to be very well made and in terms of value for money I cannot think of anything that betters them. The designers at Acoustic Energy have done an excellent job in creating a large loudspeaker that outperforms its pay grade.”

Read the full review here.