A Standing Ovation for the AE1 Active from Stereonet

Acoustic Energy AE520 StereoNET Applause Award 2020
AE1 Active (Walnut, No Grille)

The latest review of the AE1 Active is out and it’s not just a round of Applause from Stereonet UK, but more of a standing ovation! Reviewer Mike Evans loved them so much that we had trouble getting them back from him. 
So, grab that coffee and cake and jump over to the Stereonet UK website and read the full review. But first, to whet your appetite, here are a few quotes… 
“Songs like Hold On From Yes’s 90125 album can sound thin, hollow and lost, but the Acoustic Energy made a big and impressive noise with a deep bass guitar line and super-impactful snare drum.” 
“…as did Green Shirt from Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces. Its combined bass guitar and drum kick nearly made me jump from my seat when I cranked the volume up. Again, these sort of firecracker dynamics are typical of well done active speakers – albeit not at this modest price.” 
And the verdict… 

“The Acoustic Energy AE1 Active is a baby powerhouse that provides a seriously grown-up sound for far less money than you would expect. Indeed I’d say it’s astonishing value for money, as you’re removing the need to buy a potentially costly power amp too – plus the speaker cabling that goes with it. Not only that, it is good looking and very well made too.“ 

Read the full review here.