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About Us

Acoustic Energy 30th Anniversary Acoustic Energy was founded in London, England on April 4th 1987. Initially known as “Eldonfield Limited”, the name was changed on the 25th June 1987 and “Acoustic Energy” was officially born.

The first product from the factory was the legendary AE1 compact Loudspeaker, the AE1 set a new standard in compact speaker performance that has been the basis of the company’s product ethos ever since.

In 1994 Acoustic Energy moved to a new facility to cope with increasing production, 100 miles west of London in the historical Cotswold town of Cirencester where they remain to this day. Around this time AE received investment from large Malaysian OEM speaker manufacturer, Formosa Prosonic Industries (FPI). FPI bought a controlling stake in AE and their financial backing & manufacturing partnership allowed AE to expand into the budget loudspeaker market, later into electronics and “World First” products such as an early Bluetooth™ speaker and WiFi Internet radio.

In early 2017 Acoustic Energy once again became wholly British owned and now trades under the name “Acoustic Energy Loudspeakers Ltd”. Over the last 30 Years AE has won hundreds of awards and accolades from the world’s Hi-Fi press and remains one of the most highly regarded loudspeaker companies in the world.

With the introduction of the AE1 Loudspeaker in June 1987, Acoustic Energy Ltd. founded in London, England.

1988 – 1992
Due to the unprecedented success of the AE1, and the rave reviews and awards from around the world,  additional models were deemed necessary to offer flexibility and growth. The range was expanded with the introduction of the AE2, 3, 4 and 5 models.

1992 – 1998
With the introduction of the 100, 200 and 500 series’, AE started to move into more “mainstream” hifi markets.

1998 – 2005
AE continued to win many awards and great reviews for products, such as the Wi-Fi internet Radio (the world’s first), Aego, Aegis, Neo and Evo Series’.

With the ever-changing face of hi-fi and home cinema AE made the decision to introduce Custom Install and multi-purpose outdoor “Extreme” speaker ranges to complement our conventional speaker line-up.

2007 – 2011
Launched the AE MkIII Special Edition (gaining as many awards and reviews as the original AE1) along with the introduction of the Reference, Radiance and NeoV2 Series’.

The introduction of the 3-Series in 2012 sees AE gain more fantastic reviews, continuing its reputation of one of the UKs foremost loudspeaker manufacturers.

Early in 2014 we launched the 1-Series. The 1-Series represents Acoustic Energy’s latest affordable, yet highly impressive, range of entry-level loudspeakers.

The third generation of the Aego system was launched that also included a compact Soundbar. The new systems incorporated Bluetooth and optical connectivity and remote control functionality.

Our 30th Anniversary sees the launch of several new products and the return of Acoustic Energy to UK ownership. New product launches include the AE1 Active, BT2 Bluetooth, a brand new 100 Series and more…

The Acoustic Energy philosophy is to employ technology wisely, thoroughly and elegantly with one objective in mind – to accurately transfer the amplified signal into audible energy.

Acoustic Energy ceramic-alloy cone technology allows us to build loudspeakers with exceptional clarity and power handling. Painstaking attention to detail in the design of cabinets, crossovers, and stands ensures that our unique drive units are able to faithfully reproduce even the most complex and dynamic musical programme.

The ceramic-alloy cone technology differs from conventional paper or plastic cones in two fundamental ways. It is extremely rigid and is therefore able to accurately track the amplified signal without distortion; secondly, it’s unique design ensures that the limiting ‘thermal compression’ effects of temperature rise in the voice coil are eliminated.

The combination of the latest technology and superb craftsmanship creates a unique identity of performance and style, AE speakers will compliment any domestic or professional environment and reveal the full potential of other high-resolution audio components