Product Timeline

  • 1987

    Acoustic Energy was originally founded in West London on April 4th 1987. Initially known as “Eldonfield Limited”, the name was changed on the 25th June 1987 and “Acoustic Energy” became officially born. The very first product to be designed and produced was the legendary and world-renowned loudspeaker, the AE1. This speaker set new industry standards in audio performance from a compact enclosure which has been the basis of the company’s product ethos to this day.

  • 1988




  • 1994

    AE1 Signature

  • 1995


  • 1996



  • 2002

    Aego 2

  • 2006

    AE22 Pro

  • 2008

    AE1 MkIII Special Edition

    AE1 MkIII Special Edition
  • 2009


    Three years in the making, the Radiance Series builds on lessons learned in creating the highly regarded Reference AE1MkIII SE’s and takes loudspeaker performance a step further…

    Designed as a no-compromise, high-end loudspeaker range for both stereo and home cinema applications, in creating the Radiance Series we have gone “back to our roots”. Following principals first laid out in our original, award-winning AE1 loudspeaker (first produced in 1987) and utilising some of the technological leaps made in the very latest mkIII SE version – the Radiance Series encompasses the acquired expertise of over 20 years experience in loudspeaker craftsmanship.

  • 2011

    Reference Series

    With the Reference Series we’ve sought to improve upon every aspect of current speaker design to create a true, balanced, dynamic, wide-bandwidth and minimal colouration loudspeaker.

    Cabinet: Constrained laminate layer construction for maximum resonance damping. A specially designed 7mm MDF/3mm high density rubber/5mm MDF sandwich material is used throughout the cabinet enclosure to minimise resonance and external cabinet noise.

    Bass Driver: Huge underhung motor assembly for maximum linear accuracy and control. The motor system comprising twin-wound aluminium voice-coils is thermally bonded to the aluminium cone for absolute minimum distortion and long-throw pistonic accuracy.

    Tweeter: The now well-established Vifa Ring-radiator tweeter is used here in our own custom, upgraded specification. Coupled to our DXT® Lens assembly for improved in-room response and dispersion matching to the bass driver, this is one of the finest tweeters in use today.

    These features wrapped into a compact, elegant design and luxuriously finished with real piano ebony lacquer mark the new Reference Series as the pinnacle of current small loudspeaker design.

  • 2012


    The 3-Series is intended to combine the best traditions and design practice with new ideas and technology to meet the requirements of the present. To this end, the 110mm aluminium mid bass driver is a direct evolution of the one used in the original AE1 but this is partnered with an all new 28mm soft dome tweeter for improved high frequency performance. The front mounted low turbulence slot ports make for flexible placement in room and this is encased in clean, modern and extremely elegant cabinets that feature rubberised front panels and magnetic speaker grille tabs that give the 3-Series a real sense of style.

    The 3-Series consists of the 301 standmount, 305 floorstander, 307 centre speaker and the 308 subwoofer. This powerful 500 watt design with its large 300mm driver means that the 3-Series is devastatingly effective when used in both stereo and multi-channel installations.

  • 2016

    AE1 Active

    AE1 Active

    The changing roles of hifi equipment mean that audio systems themselves are changing shape. The increasing number of products with integrated pre-amplifiers mean that many customers are searching for an equally convenient speaker to connect them to. Taking full advantage of Acoustic Energy’s considerable experience in the field of active speakers, the AE1 Active is designed to deliver this convenience without trading performance.

    The AE1 Active is a two way standmount speaker with integrated class A/B amplification and fully active filter networks. Featuring Acoustic Energy’s legendary pure piston ceramic aluminium cone technology, the AE1 Active has all the refinement and impact you would expect from the original AE1 housed within a self powered, fully active package. The speakers also feature Acoustic Energy’s proprietary aluminium dome tweeter with our unique WDT waveguide for improved coverage and room integration.

  • 2017

    300 Series

    300 Series

    Building on the hugely popular and universally acclaimed 100 Series, the 300 Series raises the performance bar further still…

    The new 300 Series features multiple upgrades over the entry-level 100 Series, all designed to improve both audio performance and aesthetics, befitting of its more premium status. Bespoke new drive units have been designed in tandem to offer seamless tonal integration in addition to low distortion and high power handling benefits. The 28mm aluminium dome tweeter also features our WDT Wide Dispersion Technology™ and a re-designed 130mm aluminium mid-bass driver uses a ceramic aluminium sandwich cone and long throw motor system. The seamless cabinet enclosures boast an inert 18mm high density MDF material with proprietary internal bracing technology to reduce cabinet colouration. They’re finished in attractive real open grain walnut wood veneer, piano grade high gloss black or white lacquer options.

    The result is a premium-finished package which offers a refined, accurate and above all, enjoyable musical experience. Embodying all the qualities Acoustic Energy are famous for… and designed for the love of music.

  • 2019

    500 Series

    500 Series

    Our flagship 500 Series, comprises two models, the AE500 stand-mount and AE509 floor-stander and boast our newly developed carbon fibre tweeters and mid/bass drivers, designed to match the pistonic power and accuracy of our legendary ceramic aluminium drivers but with improved self-damping for a smoother, more transparent sound.

    Our new 500 Series tweeter features a brand new 25mm carbon fibre dome. Carbon fibre is much lighter and better damped than other typical hard dome materials and provides a lightning fast, natural sound which will surprise the listener with its neutrality. The new cast aluminium WDT waveguide on the high frequency driver is positioned close to the mid/bass driver for optimum dispersion and is extremely stiff to reduce vibration being passed to the tweeter, ensuring sweet, clear and natural highs.

    The 125mm mid/bass drivers include new oversized 35mm voice coils for low thermal compression and very high motor force factor to provide a highly dynamic yet controlled bass response. The woofer has an optimised motor and suspension system for maximum linearity and lowest distortion ensuring mid-range definition, whilst the lightweight nature of the carbon fibre cone material increases transient speed and clarity.

    The AE509 is a Mid Tweeter Mid/bass (MTM) driver layout with a 2way crossover using high voltage polypropylene film wound capacitors and air core inductors at critical locations for optimum dispersion through a smaller acoustic source size within the crossover region.

    These unique drivers are housed in our new Resonance Suppression Composite (RSC) cabinets evolved from the prestigious Reference Series and featuring the same constrained layer composite to greatly reduce cabinet acoustic radiation, which would otherwise colour the sound. The cabinets are finished in high gloss Piano Black, Piano White or American Walnut wood veneer finishes. Aluminium bars/feet are supplied with the AE509s to ensure rigid floor-coupling and maximum stability whilst the stiffness of the metal structure reduces the room to speaker interaction.

    Offering unparalleled levels of performance, quality and value the result is a loudspeaker range with clean, uncluttered lines delivering a thrilling and powerful presentation discerning Acoustic Energy owners have come to expect for over 30 years.