AE1 Active “a masterful job” say eCoustics

Acoustic Energy Active Loudspeakers
If you’re suffering from a Blue Monday then maybe this review of the AE1 Active will get you back in (New) Order…

US based eCoustics took a pair of the AE1 Active’s and made a system around them, click here to read what they thought of them, but just to whet your appetites here are a couple of quick quotes:

“The first time I played Kraftwerk and Daft Punk through the AE1, I knew that they would not be leaving.”

“The more I listen to them – the more I feel that I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of their capabilities and that makes them the basis for a fantastic sounding system for the long haul.”

“They are also very dynamic sounding loudspeakers that certainly like to reach out and touch you.“