AE1 Active Review: “Groovy” says The Audiophile Man

AE1 Active Review: “Groovy” says The Audiophile Man

The Audiophile Man, also known as Paul Rigby, has recently reviewed the AE1 Active’s. You can read the full review over on The Audiophile Mans website but here are a few quotes…

“I spun She’s Got Claws from Gary Numan’s Dance 2LP reissue. I was immediately impressed with the vast amount of air and space, swimming around the upper frequencies that produced a superb sense of instrumental separation. That is, the elbow room between each and every instrument was extended. This produced a relaxed and flowing musical sense.”

“What I liked about the bass was that it didn’t showboat but sat within the mix. It retained its individual nature and was both effective and powerful but didn’t pretend that it was the star of the show. That is, it didn’t swamp the soundstage but knew its place and was more effective because of it.”

“Working best with a separate pre-amp, the AE1s also give you great value for money, while retaining those important audiophile priorities of sound quality over form. Acoustic Energy is back on the market, back on form and soon enough, I’m sure, will be back in our hearts.”

Verdict a “Groovy” 8/10.

You can read the full review here or on the link below.