Acoustic Energy AE1 Active Review

AE1 Active Review: HiFi Choice – Editors Choice

Having created massive interest at Sound & Vision Show in Bristol this weekend, we can reveal that the AE1 Active has received it’s first, exclusive review in the March issue of HiFi Choice magazine. We are extremely happy to announce that, not only did they receive 5 stars all round, they were so well received that they have been awarded the “Editors Choice” badge for this issue.

As usual we’ll leave you to visit your local news agent to pick up a full copy of the magazine, but we can publish a few quotes below that should whet your appetites…

No hype or exaggeration here, just a natural sense of power, pace and perspective. Essentially, the sounds is dynamic, tactile, tightly focused and creates a stereo arc that effortlessly ghosts through the walls of my larger listening room.

It’s hard to think of any other comparably priced standmount that images with such solidity or resolves voice, instrument timbre and ambient information more naturally.

We’ll leave you with this small snippet from the Verdict
Acoustic Energy AE1 Active review in HiFi Choice magazine
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We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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