AE1 Active Review: “iamhear” Blog Russia

Russian blogger, “iamhear”, has recently published a review of the AE1 Active on Yandex, a very popular Russian media source. We asked our Russian distributor, HOMESOUND, to translate a few quotes for us:
“This is one of the most impressive tabletop setups I’ve ever heard”
“The coolest thing about the sound is the incredible precision, positional and timbral accuracy.”
“… in fact, these speakers, although they can disassemble sound into atoms (well, almost!) are very lively and exciting. Energy, emotions beat out of them, and they simply sparkle / shine with it all.”
You can watch the video here:

and in addition to there is also a text version:
Acoustic Energy AE1 Active reviewed by aimhear, a Russian Blogger