Acoustic Energy AE1 Active review (Stereoplay, Germany)

AE1 Active Review: Stereoplay Germany

Stereoplay Highlight Badge for the Acoustic Energy AE1 ActiveStereoplay magazine in Germany are the latest to get their hands on the new AE1 Active.

We can’t print the full review here, but we can present a few quotes translated by our German Distributor M.A.D. If you want to have a listen to the AE1 Active in Germany, give M.A.D a call!

“Unobtrusive equipped Active Speaker, that audibly does convince, actually excites! Neutral like a monitor, at the same time playful, agile and homogeneous. For this price an absolute Killer.

Sound Quality: Top Class!

Price/Quality: Outstanding!”

It’s fair to say they liked them as much as HiFi Choice and awarded them the “Stereoplay Highlight” of the May issue.

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