AE1 Classic reviews from Germany

AE1 Classic Reviews: German Magazines

Acoustic Energy AE1 Classic (Piano Black)We’ve recently received some fantastic reviews in the German press for the AE1 Classic and 305. Here are a few extracts…

STEREO Magazine (AE1 Classic):With the new edition of his AE1 Classic Acoustic Energy landed a direct hit. Thanks to the successful combination of optics and engineering these speakers are hot tip not only on the mixing desk. Anyone looking for a compact, honest speaker with dynamic reserves and great joy of playing, should listen to the small British once. Combined with matching electronics – the amp should like to be a little stronger – and half a meter in front of the wall positioned on a stand leaves the AE1 beat some hifi heart higher.


HIFI STARS Magazine (AE1 Classic):The high-quality small monitors from the town of Cirencester in Gloucestershire raise the bar for two-way designs a bit higher. Clean, precise, spatially and very musical, so can the qualities of this speaker summarized. The Acoustic Energy AE1 Classic in its current version leaves no doubt that the British manufacturer is well advised to continue to keep this model in his portfolio. For small to medium-sized rooms, the small British speaker gets a strong recommendation from me.

AUDIO Magazine (305):The AE305 linked traditional virtues such as sound temperament and spatial precision with a contemporary high load capacity. The upper-class optics are a nice addition. Once again a British manufacturer demonstrates that a distinguished sound have not to cost a fortune. For tight money the AE305 is a damn good deal“.

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