AE1 wins Diapason d'Or award

AE1 wins Diapason d’Or award

Diapason d'Or Award 2015The AE1 Classic has been awarded a prestigious Diapason d’Or award for 2015 by the French magazine of the same name.

“Despite its small size, lAE1 distils some musical fun. It is actually the mythical reissue that had its heyday at the turn of the 1990s Bass is entrusted to a 110mm speaker equipped with a sandwich of aluminium and ceramic membrane. A magnesium dome tweeter 25 mm takes over for high frequencies. The third-order filter operates at 3 kHz.

The AE1 shows a lot of harmonic richness and sweetness: the music flows with evidence. Stamps are perfectly characterized, well set, the dynamics of great refinement in translating the nuances. The stereo scene, never demonstrative, emphasizes, again, natural elegance. Small English amps are welcome.

Very high homogeneity. Infallible musicianship.”

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