AE109 Review: Audio Magazine (Germany)

AE109 Review: Audio Magazine (Germany)

German magazine, Audio, are the latest to review and rate the AE109 floorstanders.

We’ve been receiving some fantastic reviews from the German press of late and we’re pleased to say that the latest review from “Audio​” on the AE109 continues that tradition! The AE109s have been awarded a “Recommended” badge.

We’ve translated a couple of quotes for you…

“The first bars of ours test music showed that the speaker, along with inner harmony, moreover had a clear punch. Although small in stature, arose amazingly strong bass contours.”

Analysis: “Here, the impulses, the picture of the singing voice, the fine peaks of the drums. The Bass did not go subsonic, but retained the beautiful shape. The phonetic equivalent for the 800 euros makes you happy.”