AE300 Review: top marks from Israel

Acoustic Energy AE300 (Walnut)

It’s top marks from the Israeli jury…

Tiger Levy, from Dtown, the most respected Hi-End and AV magazine in Israel, is the latest to get his hands on the AE300‘s.

You can read the full review here (maybe with some help from Google Translate) or read below for a few choice quotes…

Today’s monitors, especially the cheapest ones, have long since gone up a grade. Character even two classes. These monitors certainly back my conclusion. I have not always been able to understand how they managed to release such a bass from such a small box. And no, it’s not the amount of bass that is surprising though its quality. This combination of cross, units and box, in such a good way, is certainly years of experience in the field. But it is also part of the company’s approach. Value for money, with audio at the base level, is the big story. This monitor manages to recreate impressive vocal music, symphonic classical music, in a surprisingly surprising way in relation to its size and competitors, and, most importantly, a large and impressive stage that manages to fill even a space like mine in a proper way.

Bottom Line: Definitely a great deal for an excellent monitor speaker.

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