AE309 Review: Hi-Fi Choice – 5 Stars & Recommended

HiFi Choice November Cover

Another day, another big announcement!

Today it’s the turn of Hi-Fi Choice magazine to unveil their review on the AE309 floorstanders and, you guessed it, another 5 STAR review and a RECOMMENDED Badge!

Here’s a few ‘choice’ quotes to whet your appetites…

“The best thing is how this speaker pieces everything together – as if it is effortlessly solving a jigsaw puzzle. The music sounds very coherent and structured, yet lyrical and lucid too.”

“Wham’s Club Tropicana is a great quality eighties pop recording, and the AE309 sounds positively polished here and integrated from top to bottom, while further underlining that is really relishes rhythms as it ploughs along with great aplomb.”

In Conclusion: “Acoustic Energy’s AE309 may look a little meek and mild, but certainly doesn’t sound like it. Partnered with good-quality amplification, it delivers a very grown-up rendition of whatever type of music you choose to play.”

The magazine is out on Thursday 11th October – make sure you pick up a copy to read the full review.