AE320 awarded Applause Award by Stereonet

Acoustic Energy AE320 (Walnut, No Grille)

StereoNET Applause Award 2022“It’s a hard habit to break”, but it’s one habit that’s good and we are happy to live with. What is it? It’s another super, smashing, great review of the AE320s from David Price at Stereonet.

David just couldn’t get enough of the AE320s commenting that “It’s a really impressive product then and does more than just give you ‘a big bang for your buck’.” Follow this link to read the complete review and find out why he gave the verdict:

“Acoustic Energy’s AE320 is an object lesson in what’s possible from a speaker of this price. It has no obvious weak points, unlike so many rivals, and this, in turn, lets you enjoy its strengths – which are myriad.“