AE500 Review: AudioTechnique China

All the way from China and hot on the heels of the AE509 review in HiFi Review magazine and also the award for the AE509 at the Super AV Magazine awards (for Best Floorstanding Loudspeaker) we have a review of the AE500 from AudioTechnique magazine.

“This is what makes me feel that this AE500 is very wonderful. Honestly speaking, except for the two drive units are kind of special, the rest of the loudspeakers’ specification and construction are actually pretty basic.”

“In terms of volume, this bookshelf loudspeaker can reproduce such intensity and distinctive instrument positioning. The effect is already good, not to mention width and depth of the soundstage reproduced by it, truly extraordinary.”

“In conclusion, the AE500 is a great bookshelf speaker. The response of the drivers is agile and the sound linear. Audiophiles who like delicate listening with detail will definitely fall in love with it!”

AudioTechnique AE500 China Review Highlights