AE500 Review: 5 Stars from Alpha Audio

It’s “Double Dutch” as we follow hot on the heels of the AE309 review from HiFi.NL with a AE500 review from Geoffrey Vanhouwart at Alpha Audio.

Yes, it’s 5 Stars and again here are a few translated quotes…
“Our test specimen in walnut veneer looks particularly attractive and tasteful. The slightly rounded edges not only look good but also reduce unwanted resonances. “
“The AE500 is a fairly fast speaker with a wide sound stage and a spacious sweet spot. It is certainly not a fresh, bare speaker, but rather a full, slightly warmer transmitter. This also makes it sound good at low volume. The combination of all this ensures a coherent sound that does not disturb anything. A wonderful balancing act from Acoustic Energy!”
“The use of carbon in both the driver and the tweeter is not a gimmick and delivers a high-quality view that is completely in balance. There is nothing to argue about, so we can’t help but give the Acoustic Energy AE500 a well-deserved five-star rating. Congrats!”
“…those looking for a monitor in this price range should put the Acoustic Energy AE500 at the top of their list. Not giving them a chance would be a shame. This speaker is among the best in the class and never makes a mistake.”
You can read the full review here:
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