AE500 Review: “Reference Class” from Audisseus

Is it just a Tangerine Dream? As we Ricochet into a new month we already have our first review! The honour goes to the AE500 courtesy of in Germany.

You can read the full review on the link below and if your German is limited then Google translate is your best friend. To give you a start we’ve translated some of the best bits for you…

“In terms of space, the Acoustic Energy AE500 shows a realistically wide-ranging stage, nothing seems restricted or even underexposed. It does not add artificial space, but does not remain superficial per se. This means that their spatial, mind you very precise presentation, is very believable overall.”

“We are talking about a fast-paced, airy and carefree playing style.”

“The Acoustic Energy AE500 is definitely a hot tip and, to put it casually, “high performer” of a special kind.”

A solid 90/100 and a “Reference Class” badge.

Head on over to their website for the full review: