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If you ever get “Lost in France” with Bonnie Tyler or maybe on a “Tour de France” with Kraftwerk then you should search out a Hi-Fi store and have a listen to the AE500s. This is exactly what Lionel Schmitt from did…

He then wrote a very comprehensive review of his experience, you can read some of his musings here…

′′Considering its price, the AE500 is a huge success that I can fully recommend.”

“The AE500 is not another compact speaker, drowned in the mass of competitors more or less well “licked”. No, the AE500 has a real talent for establishing a strong bond between the musicians and the audience through a clear, pure and precise message, without frills, without failures.”

“Conclusion: Although compact in size, the AE500 is a loudspeaker with a lot to offer. Where, we do not necessarily expect, the AE500 surprises in more than one way, starting with its linearity and consistency over the entire audible bandwidth. Its beautiful transparency and its faculties help to deliver information often relegated to second place. Finally, this ACOUSTIC Energy version offers a soundstage and spatialisation inversely proportional to its size, which allows it to be installed in a room of comfortable size. Considering its price, the AE500 is a great success that I recommend without restriction.”

Now we’ve whet your appetite why not head on over to their website to read the full review.