AE509 Alpha-Audio Approved in the Netherlands

Acoustic Energy AE509 (High Gloss Black)

Alpha Audio Approved LoudspeakerWe follow our first Dutch review with another glowing, 5 Star review, this time from Alpha-Audio on the AE509. They are so good they couldn’t find a single thing against them and have been “Alpha-Audio Approved”.

Head over to their website for the full review (link below) or just bask in the glory of the highlights below…

“Floorstanders in this price range rarely deliver this kind of tight, punchy bass that holds up even during complex passages. The bass is gorgeous and quite addictive. We didn’t see that coming.“

“The Acoustic Energy AE509 are funky speakers! We couldn’t describe it any better.”

“Deus with “A bar under the sea” is an album with a flawless production, every song starts quietly and gets busier towards the end, a tried and tested recipe with this Belgian top band. Once again the reproduction by the AE509 is just right. A nice amount of weight to the guitars and when things get more complex the AE509 has no problem handling it.”

“Pop music, electronics and jazz go great on these speakers and even classical music works great. The AE509 is a true all-rounder.”

“It easily integrates into your room and looks fantastic doing so. The price is more than fair and the finish is impeccable. Everything about this loudspeaker is just right. So be sure to consider the Acoustic Energy AE509 when you’re looking in this price range. Alpha Approved!”

If you’re looking for Acoustic Energy in The Netherlands then contact Viertron who will be happy to help.

Again, you can read the full review on this link and if you want more information on where to buy in The Netherlands then contact our friends at Viertron who will be happy to help.