AE509 Recommended by Audiograde

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Just like the proverbial London Bus, you wait an age and they all come along at once! And just like that this week we have a review on the AE509 from Audiograde.

Awarded a Recommended badge this is what reviewer, Lee Dunkley, had to say about them…

“There’s a smoothness to the way this speaker presents music and a complete lack of harshness to its delivery, sounding refined and engaging even at high volume levels. I suspect that the level of treble clarity is a result of the carbon fibre material used in the tweeter and its finesse is applauded.” 

“Playing Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy or Black Magic by Jonasu or Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and the AE509 is supremely effective at communicating a funky beat. The captivating rhythms shows just how low this compact floorstander can go as it fills my listening room with taught and deep bass lines without any sense of over bloat.”  

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Acoustic Energy AE509 Recommended by Audiograde