AE509 Review: “Audio” Germany Recommends

Acoustic Energy AE509 (Walnut)

Feeling the “Wind of Change” as AE blows away the competition in Germany…

Yes, we’ve done it again – the February 2020 issue of Audio Magazine features yet another “Recommendation” for the AE509. Here’s our rough translation of some highlights…

“The slim, floorstanding speaker AE509 from British Hi-Fi Manufacturer Acoustic Energy costs 2600 Euros per pair and is a prime example of what you can do right.”

“Just a few minutes were enough and we loved it. Very harmonious, coherent, an extremely high feel-good factor”

“A very strong experience radiated to us. It also looks dazzling. Some other manufacturers would call for a much higher sum for this, but Acoustic Energy remains fair. This mixture of inner, outer and audible values is wonderfully balanced.”

“If you’re looking for a speaker that can convey velvety cohesion – and play amongst the top tier without eating up all your savings – here is a hot candidate. The best thing is to quickly arrange a demonstration with a trusted dealer.”

Looking for AE in Germany? Then head over to MAD Hifi who’ll be happy to help!