AE509 Review: China in (y)our Hands…


“China in (y)our Hands…”

Word has reached China on how good the 500 Series is and we’ve got the review from HiFi Review magazine to prove how much love they have for the AE509. In fact, they are so good it seems the reviewer just couldn’t stop listening to them!

You can read a full translation of the review (or a scan of the original) on the links below, but as usual we bring you a few of our favourite quotes below.

“The vocals of Sandy Lam and Petre Magoni also return to the beauty of the clear and transparent musicality. Listening to the AE509 reproducing the female vocal has fascinated me, making me keep listening to it again and again.”

“Listening to the AE509 playback the songs with rich feelings, so touching, as if the feelings came into my bones, unforgettable!”


Original Review pdf
Google Translate pdf