AE509 Review: From Russia With Love

Acoustic Energy AE509 (Piano Black)

Salon AV AE509 Review RussiaRussian Magazine, Salon Audio Video, have got their hands on the new AE509 from our distributor HOMESOUND.

It’s another fantastic review which you can read in full on the link below (Google translate maybe of help to those not fluent in Russian!). But to help, we’ve translated a few sentences for you…

“The first thing these towers were noted for was a fantastically authentic presentation. And not even in the sense of soundstage, but precisely the ability to convey the space of a concert or studio performance.”

“You can feel both the dynamic range and the real energy with a convincing blow…”

“If we return to the terminology of the past, then the British AE509 is no longer as prim as their predecessors, they are more open in relation to modern genres, and to the modern listener too. But the basis is the ability to reveal everything in music without adding anything from itself, clearly rooted in a glorious past, although it is realized at a new evolutionary level.”

Read the full review here: