AE509 Review: Full marks from Fullrange in South Korea

Fullrange Product of the Year 2019 for the AE509Following on from the recent South Korean Fullrange review, the AE509 has now been awarded a prestigious “Product of the Year Award 2019” from the same magazine. You can read about the awards here, or see the original review below.

“The sound of the AE509 is stable and refined, at the same time it offers very good detail. The detail reminded me of the AE1, the stable sound was probably due to the wide-band floorstanding specification and cabinet design that weren’t available on the AE1.”

“It’s a floorstander but gives the impression that it’s easy to drive. Somewhere heavy and not loud, the speaker plays the music quickly and clearly. The punch in the low frequencies is well conveyed and gives the impression that it is correctly leading to the next action.

“After trying a few hours in a particular system and listening environment, I thought it was a great speaker made from new materials and styles in a different style from the 90s. It was also a long time from Acoustic Energy to go and confront high quality speakers at this price point. The feeling of the floorstander’s sleek, refreshing sound can be impressive. It’s a great speaker with no other way to explain it.”

Read the full review here:

AE509 Reviewed in South Korea