AE509 Review: “Highlight” from Stereoplay in Germany

Acoustic Energy AE509 (Walnut)

AE509 Stereoplay "Highlight" LogoThe first magazine to get their hands on the new AE509 Floorstanders is Stereoplay in Germany. And just like all previous models they awarded them a “Highlight” badge.

We’ve translated a few quotes for you below, but you can also download the full review as a pdf here.

“The traditional brand Acoustic Energy breaks down with conventions: On the one hand, they set the of your AE509 on a carbon fibre diaphragm over the entire audible frequency range, which otherwise only occurs with low and mid frequencies.”

“On the other hand, the finished box remains with 2600 euro pair price favorable, while loudspeaker with such membranes typically are to be found in the top segment. Which somehow also votes for AE, because the 509 is a is the manufacturer’s top model.”

“Anyone who likes the bass foundation in combination with your room acoustics,┬áreceives a outstandingly gentle and also for more difficult recordings well-equipped pleasure loudspeakers.”


“Slimly built, with all music genres very sonorous sounding speaker, the soft timbres, great homogeneity and a huge, deep space. Also masters weak amps, larger listening distances and little damped rooms – a secret tip!”