AE520 “a tremendous sense of purpose” say HiFi Plus

HiFi Plus magazine logoThe AE520 has done it again! Simon Lucas at HiFi Plus magazine was the lucky recipient of a pair of the flagship AE520s and here’s what he had to say about them…

“With a 180g reissue of Four Tet’s There is Love In You [Domino] spinning, what’s initially most impressive about the AE520 is not their out-and-out low-frequency presence (although that’s undoubtedly one of their stronger suits). It’s how deft and light on their feet they are.”

“There’s a tremendous sense of purpose to the way the AE520 go about creating music.”

“If you want information about the variation in a drummer’s strike of a snare, or the variation in a pianist’s key releases, these speakers are unambiguous. When a pair of loudspeakers has a comfort zone as expansive as the AE520s do, it proves extremely tricky to goad them out of it.”  

“…there’s very little downside to Acoustic Energy AE520 ownership.”

“they don’t get shouty or coarse when you turn the wick up – they simply get louder.” 

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the March issue of HiFi Plus magazine to read the full review, it’s out now!

Acoustic Energy AE520 reviewed by HiFi+ Magazine