AE520 Product of the Year Award from StereoNET

Product of the Year Award AE520 2020As Del La Soul once sang “Three is the magic number”… and that’s certainly true for this week as it’s a triple whammy of reviews for the 500 Series.

In addition to the AE520 gaining an Applause Award in December it was then handed a Product of The Year award for the Best Floorstanding Loudspeaker in the annual Stereonet awards.

The big news today is that StereoNET loved the flagship AE520 so much (just like everyone else it seems) and have awarded them an Applause Award, the highest accolade they can give.

Head on over to their website to read the full review, but for now, here’s ”The Verdict”…

Acoustic Energy AE520 StereoNET Applause Award 2020

“This combination of the AE520’s tonal smoothness allied to its large, visceral sound is really what defines this speaker, yet it isn’t everything. The light weight of its carbon fibre cones and dome make for a fast and agile sound… If you’ve got a large listening room and a serious source and amplifier to back it up, this should be right at the top of your audition list.”

You can read the full review here.

Acoustic Energy AE520