AE520 Review: “Recommended” from Hi-Fi Choice

HiFi Choice 5 Star logoWe’re starting to sound like a stuck record, but we’ve only gone and done it again!!!
The first review of our new flagship AE520 is here and, yes, it’s another fantastic 5 STARS from Hi-Fi Choice. David Price was the lucky recipient of one of the first pairs, and in conclusion, he just confirmed what we all already knew…
“Overall this is the most impressive new flagship floorstander. It’s an excellent all-rounder with no obvious vices and a lot to be proud of.”
Here are a couple more quotes, but please pick up a copy of the magazine to read the review in its entirety.
“Tonally it’s lovely; it has richness that you don’t often hear from modern speakers.”
“The AE520 is not one of those weedy, anaemic-sounding floorstanders that have you wondering why you didn’t buy the standmount version at half the price. Instead, you get a large, muscular and full-range sound that has weight, grunt and go.”
High praise indeed.
AE520 Review in HiFi Choice