AE520 Review: “Acoustic Energy don’t get it wrong” say Hi-Fi World

“We’ve got the whole world in our hands”, in fact, we’ve got a whole 5 Worlds in our hands thanks to another fantastic review for the AE520, this time from Noel Keywood at Hi-Fi World.

You can read the full review in the December issue that’s out now, but here, as usual, are a few quotes for you…

“Acoustic Energy don’t get it wrong.”

“…I stumbled away from them a bit shaken… I was quite literally shaken by tracks like Safri Duo’s Samb Alegro where the pounding synth ‘kick drum’ was moving my body and the setee upon which I sat. But they sounded supremely relaxed, totally unfazed.”

“The Acoustic Energy has peculiarly wide bandwidth, one of the widest and flattest of ANY loudspeaker”.

Verdict? “A cooly accurate sound with very deep bass and great sound staging. Impressive.”