AE520 Review: “Expert Choice” from Audio Video Russia

Today we head “Back to the USSR (OK, Russia) to see how lucky we are…” although we like to think luck doesn’t come into it, just top notch design and engineering! Audio Video magazine are the latest to review the new, flagship, AE520 floorstander and have awarded it the top accolade of “Expert Choice”.

Here’s a couple of snippets taken from their website:

“Accuracy is the key word here – light diffusers produce such a shock that recording drums by ear is almost no different from playing live.”

“The bass and drum kit provide a solid footing for the rest of the instruments, making them sound catchy and impactful regardless of genre. Rock, synth-pop, hip-hop, symphonic classics – everything is served energetically, with lively enthusiasm.”

“Strings, winds, percussion, cymbals – in whatever combination the instruments are present on the recording, the spectrum of each of them is rich and can be easily separated from the others by ear.”

“Due to the same materials in the midrange drivers and tweeter, the sound is identical in character up to the highest overtones. There is no metallic taste, nor the excessive softness inherent in fabric drivers.”

You can read the full review here (Google translate may come in handy!):

AE520 Salon AV Review Russia November 2020