AE520 reviewed by HiFi.Nl, another 5 Stars

We’re going Double Dutch this week as we present two 500 Series reviews from the Netherlands. The first being from who gave the flagship AE520 a stunning review, so much so that the only thing they could comment against them? Yes… “Black High Gloss version is sensitive to fingerprints”!
Read up on a few choice quotes before heading over to their site for the full review…
“Again, the neutral sound of the AE520 stands out. After about six minutes, the music swells ominously. We turn up the volume. During the climax, the bass guitar and bass drum blast into the room, but without pushing away the rest.”
“The AE520s are everyone’s friends. They have no trouble with heavy metal or a large symphony orchestra, even when the volume is turned up. “
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Read the full review (maybe with the help of Google translate) by following this link.
Acoustic Energy AE520 Flagship floorstanding model reviewed by HiFi Nl in The Netherlands