Acoustic Energy Aego M Review

Aego M Review: Custom PC Magazine

Acoustic Energy Aego M SystemCustom PC magazine have recently tested a group of PC speakers and the AEGO M was part of the test. It may be 10 years old, but the Aego M doesn’t just hang in with all the rest, it still beats them!

Here are a few of our favourite quotes, but please pick up a copy of the magazine to read the full test and review.

You might wonder, then, why we’re recommending a ten-year-old product. Simply put, the Aego M blew us a way with its sound quality. Others were good, even excellent, in their volume or clarity, but the Aego M is on another level entirely.

Bass was loud and rumbling, but with a clarity that no other speaker set matched.

VERDICT:Superb clear sound, exceptional volume and a real rumbling bass. An exceptional 2.1 speaker set.

The overall score was a resounding 87% and a group test winner!

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