What HiFi? Magazine Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar Review

Aego Sound3ar Review: What HiFi?

Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar Review

What HiFi? Magazine are the latest to review the Aego Sound3ar system.

As usual we won’t print the complete review here, you’ll have to head over to the What HiFi? site to view it, but here are a few quotes…

The Aego is detailed enough to convey the change in space when the action moves to a smaller room. Dialogue is heard loud and clear, with enough body to make it a comfortable listen.

It does a decent job of showing off the large space of the nightclub where Keanu Reeves wreaks havoc, giving you a better sense of the atmosphere than your TV speakers would.

The Aego Soundbar is a fuss-free, well thought-out product for those who want an enjoyable sound from their TV, but don’t have the space or budget to splash out for the big bars.

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