Best of 2021 for the AE500

The Ear awards the AE500 a "Best of 2021" award

Every December online magazine, The Ear, release their “Best of 2021” awards. Having won in 2020 with the AE509 we are highly delighted to again be included amongst the “Best of” shortlist with the baby of the 500 Series, the AE500.

This is what they had to say, but click over to their website to read the full list of winners for 2021…

“As a reviewer there are certain products which immediately stand out as being rather special. Acoustic Energy’s two-way, stand-mount AE500 was one such loudspeaker. So much so that I delayed the review to keep them at home for as long as possible. I still regret letting them go and wish I had simply purchased the review pair. There’s probably no greater endorsement than that.

Well-made, competently engineered and a delight to listen to across genres, the AE500s produced a sound of grand proportions from their compact enclosures. At the asking price they continue to represent excellent value for money and are simply not going to disappoint. A worthy contender for Best of 2021.”

Acoustic Energy AE500 Stereonet Review